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DC area dermatologist uses Nd:YAG laser for hair removal

Dr. Cheryl M. Burgess dermatologist uses Nd:YAG laser for hair removal
Dr. Cheryl Burgess is a board certified dermatologist at the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery who is committed to assisting patients in feeling better about themselves and more confident in their own body. This is why she invests in some of the best technology out there to achieve better aesthetics. Dr. Cheryl Burgess and her team have several lasers available in their practice for skin rejuvenation and treatments such as laser hair removal with the Nd:Yag laser.

DC area patients who are interested in addressing unwanted hair on the body can stop shaving, waxing, and plucking. With laser hair removal, patients will notice dramatic reduction in the amount of hair in the treatment area, with many patients seeking full removal. Laser hair removal has been proven to provide patients of all ethnicities with hair reduction and removal that can enhance the body.

Dr. Cheryl Burgess finds that most patients are appropriate candidates for laser hair removal. The treatment is done in a series of sessions—not just one—in order to achieve the results patients are looking for. Hair grows in cycles, and only hair in the active growth cycle can be improved with laser light. By spacing out several appointments weeks apart from each other, our patients will target all the hair follicles in the treatment area over time for permanent removal of hair altogether in the treatment area. The process takes some time, but many patients are pleased with the results when they are finished and enjoy life without the hassle of removing and grooming unwanted hair each and every day with painful and/or expensive treatments such as shaving or waxing.

Laser hair removal with the Nd:Yag laser can be performed most anywhere on the body, including the chest, back, legs, bikini line, and face. Patients who live in the DC area and are interested in undergoing this procedure are welcome to speak to Dr. Cheryl Burgess about whether or not it is appropriate for their specific needs. We also work with patients to make their treatments more affordable with payment plans and financing options. Health insurance providers will not provide reimbursement or coverage for laser hair removal as this is a purely elective procedure.

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