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Laser Hair Removal

Skin Tightening Washington - Open Quote Icon So far I am a fan of Dr. Burgess. I have seen a couple dermatologists for ingrown hairs on my legs, but Dr. Burgess has treated me most effectively. I`m also receiving laser hair removal treatments
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One of the most requested non-invasive cosmetic procedures around the world is laser hair removal. It is a wonderful option for men and women plagued by unwanted body hair. "Just a few sessions can eliminate the need for plucking, waxing, or shaving.

Laser hair removal can be used on any area of the body. It is especially popular for:
  • Women treating underarms, legs, and bikini area
  • Men treating back, chest areas, and beard region
  • Women with male pattern facial hair
  • Men who are certain they will never want to grow facial hair
  • Anyone struggling with ingrown hairs, which often result from repeated waxing
Due to improved technology and advanced techniques, this is now an option for patients with all skin types and ethnicities. Unfortunately, it is not effective for very blond or gray hairs. The procedure is very safe when performed properly by a trained technician and the oversight of a board-certified dermatologist. Topical anesthetic ensures gentle treatment with very little discomfort.

We use a special laser device, which utilizes a wavelength of light that is absorbed by hair pigment deep within the follicle. For this reason, patients are advised not to wax or pluck the area to be treated for about a month prior to the procedure. Topical hair removal methods, such as shaving, can be used during this time. Following treatment there may be mild redness, which can easily be covered with cosmetic products.

About one or two weeks after the session, tiny hairs will be shed. The energy accumulation in the pigment actually damages the follicle, rendering it incapable of growing new hairs. However, only the follicles in the active growth phase respond to laser energy, so several sessions 30 days apart are needed to achieve optimal results. The time between appointments is determined by the hair’s growth rate, which varies depending on the patient and the area to be treated.

Several sessions are needed to achieve optimal results. A complete treatment package usually consists of a series of five to eight treatments. Do you want to say goodbye to the razors, creams, and tweezers – and say hello to silky smooth, maintenance-free, skin? Call 202.955.5757 and schedule a consultation today.

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