Have you come to hate your love handles? Are you ready to crumble that muffin top? No matter what cute name you give it, areas of obstinate fat are nothing to smile about. They are usually a result of hereditary body type and they resist healthy eating and regular physical activity. Dr. Cheryl Burgess utilizes a new technology called Vanquish to beat those bulges without surgery.

Scientific treatment

The FDA approved Vanquish system is based on selective radiofrequency energy. The device selectively heats adipose (fatty) tissue without harm to surface skin. Vanquish adjusts automatically to maintain safe, optimal temperature. As fat cells heat up they rupture, spilling their content of lipids. Your body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes the destroyed fat cells over the course of a few weeks. Your body does not create new fat cells once you reach adulthood, so results are long term so long as you maintain your current weight and activity level.

The Vanquish difference

Several non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction methods are now available to residents of the DC Metro area, but Vanquish has some important distinctions. It is the only hands-free, no-contact system. You simply lie down comfortably while the device is positioned around your midsection, not touching your body. A clinician oversees the procedure, but because Vanquish automatically monitors and adjusts temperature, there is little chance of human error. Most reasonably healthy adult patients who want to lose a few inches around the middle are good candidates.

Why patients love Vanquish

  • Just four 30-minutes sessions are needed.
  • Treatment is painless – most patients say they feel a sensation of deep warmth like a heating pad.
  • Vanquish treats the largest area of any similar fat reduction technique.
  • No downtime. You may return to normal activities right after your appointment.
  • Minimal side effects. You could experience warmth, pinkness in the treatment area for up to an hour.
  • Noticeable results. A slimmer midsection in about two weeks.

Vanquish is not a weight loss method, a cure for obesity or a substitute for nutritious eating and regular exercise. But it is an effective way to melt stubborn inches from your waistline without surgery.

Call Center for Dermatology in Washington, DC at (202) 955-5757 or in Annapolis, MD at (410) 224 – 1195 for a consultation with Dr. Burgess. Vanquish could have you loving your core again!

Recontouring the body with Vanquish® - Dr. Cheryl Burgess

Recontouring the body with Vanquish® - Dermatologist on Demand™ - Dr. Cheryl Burgess

At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, we offer a body contouring procedure called Vanquish®. Vanquish® is one of the first procedures that was FDA cleared for body contouring. We have had our system for about 7 years now.

This is a technology that has been around for a while called radio frequency and we find that at certain temperatures particularly around 42 degrees Celsius that typical heat will cause the collagen in the skin to contract. So, we see this product very useful in skin laxity.

When a woman has had a few children and she still has lax skin on the abdomen this is one of the prime reasons why we use this procedure it tends to tighten. But it also, in addition, reduces the fat in the belly or midriff area. “”

Not only have we seen a fat reduction and elimination of fat on the abdomen, in the thighs, but there are also other units that can allow us to use it on the upper extremities as well. We can use it on the flanks, back towards the hips and the buttock area which we refer to as flanks.

This procedure which consists of radiofrequency is intended to reduce your waist size by an average of 2 inches and we can see that clothes may fit better. This is not intended for someone who is trying to lose weight. That is not what we usually recommend for that, but yes if you have on a pair of pants the waistband is very tight, we find that this will reduce the waist size in inches on an average of 2 inches.

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