At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, our board certified dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Burgess, encourages patients to consider non-invasive treatments used to rejuvenate and enhance the skin. When patients are interested in finding ways to improve the way the skin looks, treatment such as Fraxel® may be suggested.

Fraxel® is a laser treatment that is performed using the fractionated erbium device. This emits laser lights that provide a non-ablative treatment with less downtime than other laser services. Fraxel® is perfect for patients who want to achieve beautiful skin quickly and easily with today’s technology.

Patients who visit the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery are welcome to consult with Dr. Cheryl Burgess about the procedure and learn whether it is right for them. Our board certified dermatologist will provide this FDA-cleared device to enhance the skin, targeting problems such as aging skin and dull, poorly textured complexions. Imperfections of the skin can be improved with the use of the Fraxel® laser, which is gaining in popularity for men and women alike.

Most patients are appropriate candidates for Fraxel® laser treatment, but it is still important for them to discuss with their dermatologist their medical background, history and any prescription medications they are taking to ensure there are no contra-indications present. Patients are also educated on what to expect after their treatment and warned about sun exposure and protection of the skin following their Fraxel® services. This is also available as a handout post-procedure so patients are well-versed on how to care for their skin in the days following their first treatment.

If you reside in the communities of Annapolis or Washington, DC and you are ready to hear about the advantages of treatments such as Fraxel® laser skin rejuvenation, contact the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery today. You can book your appointment and work with a skilled board certified dermatologist to enhance the texture and tone of the skin in just one treatment. Patients who are seeking dramatic results may be encouraged to book several appointment times spaced weeks apart to achieve the look they desire.

Contact our office at (202) 955-5757 or (410) 224-1195. You can also Request an Appointment Online from our website using the option – Request an Appointment with Dr. Burgess today.