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Scar Revision

Scar Revision - at Washington, DC, and Annapolis, MD

Scars are an incredible testament to the fortitude of human physiology. When skin is breached, the body’s natural healing processes work to close the wound, keeping infection out and continuing normal functioning. A scar isn’t typically a health threat and most aren’t physically uncomfortable, but they carry an emotional impact on you and on those who see you. Dr. Cheryl Burgess helps patients overcome negative feelings associated with scars, and enjoy the confidence of lovely skin.

Understanding scars

A scar is fibrous tissue biologically produced by the body to repair a wound, such as an injury, surgical incision, or acne. Scars are as unique as their owners, but they generally fall into these categories:

  • Surface irregularities, ranging from discoloration to a wavy appearance, pits, or raised bumps.
  • Hypertropic scars are raised and either darker or lighter in color than surrounding skin. This clustering of scar tissue develops directly at the site of a wound, and can feel tight and uncomfortable.
  • Contractures are often associated with burns. These deep scars pull underlying tissues together, and can limit mobility at joints.

Keloids are a little different

Some complexions over-react to trauma, producing excessive fibrous tissue. Keloids are similar to hypertropic scars, but they extend beyond the original injury, forming bumps, knots, or puckers. Keloids can be large and itchy or painful. They are most common in women and those with richly pigmented skin. Keloids tend to form on the back, chest, shoulders, face, neck, and ears.


Advanced options in scar revision

Dr. Burgess takes an individualized approach to scar revision. After carefully analyzing your skin type and scars, and taking time to understand your concerns, she begins with the least invasive option and the objection of restoring consistent skin tone and texture.

Minor scarring responds well to topical medications to shrink and reduce redness, and non-surgical techniques like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing. Dermal fillers supplement raise depressed scars, so this method works well for noticeable acne scars.

Tension on tight scars or deeper depressions may be released with a surgical procedure. Jagged scars can be removed by surgical excision or skin resurfacing.

If you are prone to keloids, proper revision by a skilled and experienced, Board certified dermatologist is critical to avoid triggering further keloid development. Dr. Burgess uses a carefully orchestrated program of cortisone injections and silicone gel sheets, combined with laser therapy.

Scars are a reminder that, just like you, your skin doesn’t give up when faced with adversity. Most of us, though, would rather let go of the memories associated with scars and show off smoother complexions. Dr. Burgess and her team at Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (CDDS) and The Professional Aesthetic Image Center P.C. are here to help. Call (202) 955 - 5757 in DC or (410) 224 - 1195 in Annapolis to schedule a scar revision consultation.


Micropen best treatment in Washington, DC

A very effective way to rejuvenate skin is by increasing collagen and elastin production. At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, serving Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, and surrounding areas, our President, Dr. Cheryl Burgess is a board certified doctor of dermatology and a recognized and respected leader, speaker, author, and innovator in the field of advanced dermatology and aesthetic procedures.

We are pleased to offer Eclipse Micropen for patients looking to refresh their appearance. As featured on NBC News 4, the Micropen is a handheld device that is used for a procedure called micro-needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Micro-needling is a safe, noninvasive, and innovative treatment that has been shown to be effective for:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Scars cause by acne or trauma to the skin
  • Implementation of supplements into the skin and hair
  • Hypopigmentation – a condition that results from insufficient melanin production, causing the less pigmentation of the skin, such as
    • Vitiligo
    • Albinism
    • Skin damage
  • Overall skin tone

Micropen employs automated micro-needling to penetrate the skin and stimulate natural repair process, generating increased production of collagen and elastin, without the need for intense heat or hair rejuvenation. The treatment can be applied to the scalp, face, neck, décolletage, arms, legs, back, and abdomen for an enhanced glow and smoother appearance.

Scar revision treatment at Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery explained by Dr. Cheryl Burgess

Scar revision treatment at Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery explained by Dr. Cheryl Burgess
Are you worried about scars on your body? Then Scar revision is the treatment you should know about. What is scar revision? Watch this video to learn more as Dr. Cheryl Burgess from the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery explains.

What is scar revision?

Scar revision is a technique or multiple techniques that we use to make a scar look better. So, we re-size the scar, use laser treatment, or other modalities to modify the scar.

Can the scar revision treatment remove a scar 100%?

It cannot make your skin look like there was never a scar there. That is impossible. We can make it look 99.9% close, but it is never 100%.

What are the types of scars, which can be treated?

Typically in dermatology, we see a lot of acne scars from chronic or cystic acne. Depressed, ice pick or, box scars are often common in people who have had inflammatory acne.

We also see scars from elective or necessary surgeries, scars from birth injuries, or accidents. So, there are lots of reasons why people develop scars.

After a thorough consultation with Dr. Burgess, each patient will have a custom-tailored plan of care designed for his or her specific needs. The procedure begins with anesthetizing the skin and the placement of a sterile tip of 12 tiny needles into the Micropen. In a smooth and consistent motion, the pen is gently guided over the treatment area. The hydrating gel and speed of the device reduce discomfort during the procedure. Results are often visible immediately and continue to appear over several weeks and months.

Our medical skin care professionals offer a complete range of medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology services at the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery. Appointments and consultations may be scheduled online or by calling one of our two convenient locations at (202) 955 - 5757 in Washington, DC, or (410) 224 - 1195 in Annapolis.

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