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Surgical and non-surgical dermatology procedures available for Washington area residents dealing with warts and seeking cosmetic enhancements

Surgical and non-surgical dermatology procedures

Warts are common skin growths, which are a result of the human papillomavirus (referred to as HPV). They can form anywhere on the body after an individual has contracted HPV. This virus results in an infection, which can cause benign growths on the hands and feet called warts. It is contagious and may be spread by skin-to-skin contact.

Warts can appear as either skin-colored or dark brown growths that are either bumps or flat. They may also be either rough or smooth, which means there are several different variances that may be noticed. With a skin evaluation provided by a quality dermatologist, Washington area patients can receive a proper diagnosis and discuss with their doctor the appropriate surgical and non-surgical treatments available for cosmetic enhancement of the skin after warts have developed.

Although some warts disappear on their own without treatment, most commonly in children, they may be unattractive and can be painful if on high-contact areas such as the hands and feet. Some options for cosmetic enhancement and removal of warts include:

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Sometimes the most appropriate method of removal cutting of the wart out of the skin.


Also known as freezing, cryotherapy can remove warts easily during an in-office treatment.

Chemical Destruction

This product can be applied directly onto a wart to deaden it and have it easily removed during a follow-up visit with the dermatologist after blistering underneath the wart has occurred.

Electrodessication and Curettage

Removing a wart with electrodessication and curettage is essentially scraping the wart off the skin and it may be combined with electrosurgery where the wart is heated and burned off the skin.

Patients can also educate themselves on the ways to prevent warts. Once present, patients should avoid scratching and picking at their warts as this facilitates spreading. Warts should be kept dry as moisture encourages growth. Those who have not been affected by warts should always protect their skin, especially in areas such as public pools and bathrooms.

From surgical to non-surgical dermatology procedures, Washington area residents can visit the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery for a complete evaluation and examination by a board certified dermatologist to determine which treatment for warts is most appropriate.


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