Patients who are interested in tightening the skin on the face and neck often speak Dr. Cheryl Burgess to discuss the options available to them. While face lifts by a plastic surgeon are always an option, they can be invasive and expensive. They are also not needed for patients who are interested in a more conservative treatment for mild signs of aging. Instead, the team at the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery may suggest solutions such as laser skin tightening with the INFINI system.

What is INFINI skin tightening treatment?

For face and neck tightening, Dr. Cheryl Burgess may suggest to patients the benefits of skin tightening with INFINI. INFINI uses radiofrequency energy on the skin to penetrate deep down and stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. In doing this, the skin looks more youthful and patients will find they can reduce skin laxity and improve fine lines and wrinkles which may be keeping patients from enjoying a more youthful look. When early signs of aging and the loss of volume occurs, skin tightening treatment with INFINI is often recommended.

Who is a candidate for INFINI skin tightening?

Patients who are interested in addressing aging skin are welcome to ask about this treatment and have an evaluation done to determine their candidacy. Most adult patients who want to improve their skin are considered appropriate patients for this procedure – especially if they want to avoid invasive procedures such as plastic surgery.

INFINI is a wonderful alternative for our patients to think about when they are ready to take charge of their skin.

What can I expect from my INFINI treatment?

Dr. Cheryl Burgess and her staff provide patients with thorough information regarding the procedure. INFINI treatment begins with a consultation appointment to determine if patients can benefit. Once patients choose to move forward with their service, they are to relax in the treatment chair while the special device is used along the skin to administer the radiofrequency energy. Many patients experience warmth, but not necessarily discomfort. Patients may notice some redness to their skin following their treatment, but this will subside throughout the day.

Results are not immediate. Instead, they occur over time as collagen and elastin build up in the skin and provide an improved appearance. This can happen over several weeks and months. Some patients choose to have just one treatment, while others may schedule several sessions over time to achieve the results they desire.

Why should I choose INFINI skin tightening over surgical treatment?

There are many advantages to using INFINI instead of plastic surgery. First is the ability to achieve results without having to go “under the knife.” Plastic surgery leaves scarring and puts patients at risk for infection. Additionally, INFINI treatments are much more affordable and allow patients to go right back to their daily routine without interruption. This makes it viable for even the busiest of individuals to consider as an option for improving their appearance.

Learn more about INFINI skin tightening services today

Annapolis, MD area professional, Dr. Cheryl Burgess, is here to help patients in and around the community achieve their best look with non-invasive solutions. If you are ready to discuss treatment options such as INFINI skin tightening, contact us today by calling (202) 955-5757 to schedule an appointment at her Annapolis, MD practice located at 167-W Jennifer Road. She also has a practice conveniently located in Washington, DC, allowing patients to choose the office location best suited for their needs and convenience.

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