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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels Treatment at Washington, DC, and Annapolis, MD

Chemical peeling is a skin rejuvenation technique, most often used on the face, chest, back, hands, or neck. A specially formulated solution is used to encourage skin to shed dead, dying, or damaged cells naturally. This procedure is not appropriate as the sole treatment for patients with deep lines or wrinkles. However, it can be a good option for those who are not ready for deeper therapy. It is also used to maintain the results of fractional skin resurfacing.

Chemical peels can achieve dramatic skin improvement. They are used treat:

  • Wrinkles, caused by heredity factors, aging, or sun damage
  • Superficial acne scarring
  • Pigmentation irregularities of the skin, such as age spots and freckles
  • Melasma, which is a dark pigmentation of the face, usually found on the cheeks, most commonly in women
  • Pre-cancerous conditions such as keratosis, which are rough, reddish colored, thick skin growths

Various ingredients are used in chemical peels, most of which are natural and gentle acids. The type and strength of the peel is selected according to the skin type and condition of the patient. The procedure is performed by applying the solution to the skin for a pre-determined length of time, before gently removing it. With a topical anesthetic, patients report very little discomfort. You may notice a mild burning sensation, but it quickly fades.

Chemical peels at Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

Chemical peels at Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
If you are someone looking for a way to get rid of any acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or improve the skin complexion, chemical peels are for you. Watch this video to learn more about chemical peels, as Dr. Cheryl M. Burgess from the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery explains.

Who is an ideal candidate for chemical peels?
When we look at chemical peels, we first look at the condition that we are treating. We see what the patient is coming in for.

It can be for acne treatment, even their complexion, to get a facial every month, or just for a pampering session.

What are the types and uses of chemical peels?
There are superficial chemical peels, medium depth, and deep chemical peels. Most people come in for the superficial chemical peels.

They address hyperpigmentation and melasma, a dark streaking some people have on the cheek area, above the lip, or forehead.

Chemical peels also help minimize the pore size, clear acne’s complexion, and are occasionally used in combination with other therapies for acne scarring.

What are the risks associated with chemical peels?
The available chemical peels need to be designed and addressed to your skin type or skin condition. So be careful when getting a chemical peel.

Make sure the physician knows the condition that needs to be treated. Explain the medical or cosmetic concern and also discuss the best chemical peel ingredient for you.

Feel free to give us a call and learn more about chemical peels.

Although there are inherent risks with most medical procedures, they are very rare in the case of chemical peels. The process is quite safe and effective in the hands of our experienced professional and with the oversight of a board-certified dermatologist. Skin damage can occur if the solution is too strong, or not removed at the right time, so it is important to choose a respected, dermatologist-supervised practice such as Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, P.C., rather than trusting your skin to a technician of questionable training in a non-medical setting. You will be given complete pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions to minimize the risk of an adverse reaction. It is important to follow these instructions closely, and call us if you have any questions.

If you are looking for the best way to improve the health and appearance of your skin, we can help. Call us at (202) 955 - 5757 and schedule a consultation to find out if a chemical peel is right for you.

Get smooth and clear skin with Chemical Peel! - Dermatologist on Demand™

Have you ever wanted to rejuvenate your skin and make sure your face feels smooth and fresh? Now you can with Chemical Peel – this tested and tried method allows for the exfoliation and removal of dead skin to reveal a clear and glowing skin tone. Click the video to find out if this is the right solution for you!

The chemical peel also known as the lunchtime peel is a solution based treatment that removes or exfoliates the skin and works beneath the layers evening out your skin tone as well as addressing other skin problems.

In today’s anti-aging regiment chemical peel is one of the most sought after treatments. If you have any of the following the chemical peel may be the solution to your skin ailment.

  • Melasma
  • Coarse or rough skin
  • Liver spots
  • Wrinkling
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Oily or dry skin
  • Rosacea
  • Photo-aging
  • Acne and more

Chemical peels have its own unique purpose due to customization in the strength of the solution. It’s versatile in treating different skin and age-related problems.

Working on the skin’s surface and below the skin’s surface, chemical peels will leave your skin feeling smoother, toned, and healthier-looking with a beautiful glow.

The dermatologist will talk to you about your options and customizing your solution that is best for your skin based on your complexion and the end result you wish to accomplish with the chemical peel.

It averts banishing lines and wrinkles, skin blemishes, and if you wish to give your face a fresh glow.

Based on the strength of your chemical peel there should be little to no downtime.

If you receive a deep high strength peel it is best that you stay out of the sun for a few days. You may also experience some light flaking of the skin.

If the peel you received is light or mild, you may continue day to day activities although it is best to stay out of the sun for a day or two for best results.

Regardless of your peel, it is important that you moisturize your skin and always wear sunscreen.

Contact your dermatologist today and schedule a consultation and see if the chemical peel is the right option for you.

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