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Board certified dermatologist in Maryland area explains Vanquish™

fat removal with vanquish from dermatologist in washington

Improving body contours is a common desire of both men and women. Patients who come to the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery seeking enhancement of their body may ask Dr. Cheryl Burgess and her team about the advantages of body contour treatments. Many believe the only way to lessen those love handles or reduce the stomach is with plastic surgery once diet and exercise have failed. However, this invasive procedure is no longer the only cosmetic treatments available for enhancing the body. Now, patients can speak to our team about a treatment known as Vanquish™.

before and after safe fat removal with vanquish from dermatologist in washington case 2Vanquish™ is a no-contact procedure in which patients rest on the treatment chair with specialized panels above their body. These panels do not touch the skin, yet emit just the right amount of radiofrequency energy to selectively heat up fatty tissue—without harming the surfaces of the skin! This means that patients can target the fat in their body without going under the knife or dealing with years of diet and exercise. They can now rest and enjoy a non-invasive method of treating these stubborn fat deposits in a way that effectively reduces them.

Patients who use Vanquish™ are educated on the process. The procedure does not provide immediate results, as the body’s lymphatic system needs to flush out destroyed fat cells over several weeks and months. During this time, though, patients will see gradual improvements in the treatment area.

Vanquish™ is the perfect procedure for patients who want to see results but don’t want to plan out the weeks of recovery from a plastic surgery procedure, or for those who are interested in a more affordable yet non-invasive way of achieving better body contours. Vanquish™ is growing in popularity as patients see the results achieved with it. It is an FDA-approved treatment that can meet and even exceed patient expectations.

Dr. Cheryl Burgess and the dedicated team of professionals of the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery encourage patients to take the time to learn about Vanquish™ and many other state-of-the-art body contouring and improvement treatments readily available in her practice. Call today to book an appointment and find out if Vanquish™ is appropriate for you!

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