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Patients in the Annapolis area can enjoy skin rejuvenation with Pellevé

Annapolis area can enjoy skin rejuvenation with Pelleve
Patients in the Annapolis area who are interested in learning about skin rejuvenation services can speak to Dr. Cheryl Burgess and the team of the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery about the advantages of Pellevé.

Pellevé is a radiofrequency treatment that can assist patients in rejuvenating their skin by firming it and tightening it, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This treatment is administered using a specialized handheld device, which emits radio frequency energy to target the layers of the skin and bring forth a more youthful appearance. Many patients find that several visits can be done to offer dramatic results and drastically improve the texture and tone of the skin while turning back the hands of time.

Refreshing the skin without surgery is easy with Pellevé. This wrinkle reduction system is appropriate for patients who are struggling with the signs of aging and are seeking a non-invasive way of bringing back their youthful skin. This particular treatment is FDA approved for safety and effectiveness while providing a solution that involves no pain, no downtime, and quick visits to the dermatology practice. Pellevé is such a comfortable experience for patients that many refer to it as a warm facial massage. Results are visible immediately after treatment and continue to improve over time.

Even the busiest of patients can enjoy Pellevé. This treatment is beneficial for patients with active lifestyles who do not have the schedule for downtime and healing associated with other treatments. Patients will notice redness and swelling after treatment, but this is relatively minor, and patients can cover up any imperfections using cosmetics before returning to work and their other normal everyday activities after leaving the dermatology practice.

If you live in or around the Annapolis area and are seeking a board certified dermatologist who provides skin care treatments that can improve the beauty, health, and wellness of the face, skin, and body, contact Dr. Cheryl Burgess today to book a consultation visit and learn how aesthetic and medical dermatology can assist you.

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