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Safe body contouring with Pellevé in Washington

body contouring with Pellevé in Washington

There are typically areas of the body patients in Washington may not be happy with. Patients who are struggling with skin laxity may also notice that they have fine lines and wrinkles developing on the face. These are the two most common concerns that can be addressed with Pellevé.

Pellevé is a safe and effective system that uses radiofrequency energy to target the fat cells underneath the skin to break them down and allow them to flush through the body safely over several weeks and months. At the same time, this procedure can help stimulate collagen, which adds firmness and reduces skin laxity, thus addressing the signs of aging. Pellevé uses this amazing technology to provide gradual results and allow patients the chance to enjoy skin rejuvenation and safe body contouring through a dermatological practice.

Dr. Cheryl Burgess and staff of the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery uses Pellevé for patients who want a non-invasive solution to skin laxity and for those who want to target areas of aging skin. Patients who believe they are candidates for this procedure are welcome to contact our practice and book a consultation appointment and examination to find out if this treatment is right for them. Dr. Cheryl Burgess is a board certified dermatologist who can perform the procedure while also providing patients with post-care services.

The results of PelleFirm(r) body contouring are much more gradual and subtle than plastic surgery methods often used to target areas of unwanted fat and smooth out curves on the body. Patients must understand that the PelleFirm(r) treatment is a process that requires time for the results to show. Patients should also maintain their healthy, active lifestyles to maintain the results they achieve without having to deal with more fat deposits later in life, which will require further treatment. Patients who visit with Dr. Cheryl Burgess can discuss what they can expect from treatment and how long results will last with proper care of the skin and body.


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