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Revolutionary radiofrequency fat reduction treatment available in Washington DC

radiofrequency treatment from dermatologist in washington

Our culture is predisposed to accumulations of fat around the midsection. Many of us gather obstinate fat deposits at the abdomen and flanks, despite healthy diet, regular physical activity, and overall normal weight. You might affectionately refer to it as muffin top, spare tire, love handles, or baby bump, but you’d probably love to get rid of it without surgery. Dr. Cheryl Burgess brings an effective, safe, non-surgical technique to patients in the Washington, DC area. Her practice, Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and The Professional Aesthetic Image Center P.C., is one of only a few in the United States offering this revolutionary treatment.
Vanquish™ is manufactured by BTL Aesthetics, and it is cleared by the FDA for deep tissue heating. The device uses focused radiofrequency energy to target deep tissue layers with a unique thermal profile that does not harm surrounding tissues.
The treatment process is easy. Dr. Burgess asks that you drink extra water the day before, the day of, and the day after your appointment (extra hydration aids in the fat elimination process). Then, you simply lay back and relax; rest or read a magazine. The device encircles your midsection without even touching your body. You feel a sensation of warmth as it sends selective radiofrequency energy into fat, destroying its cell structure. A built-in cooling mechanism keeps skin temperature comfortable, and organs and muscles are not disturbed. A trained clinician monitors your progress.
Dr. Burgess recommends four Vanquish sessions for optimal fat reduction. Each appointment takes about 30 minutes. Afterward, your skin may feel a little warm or look a bit pink in the treatment area, but it resolves quickly. There is absolutely no downtime – you are free to return to your regular routine right after a treatment.
You may see changes within just a few days, and noticeable results occur in about two weeks as your body begins to rid itself of destroyed fat cells naturally. Patients report that their clothes fit more loosely and they see improvement in body contours. Because your body does not produce new fat cells, the change will last as long as you maintain healthy weight and lifestyle.
Today’s media is full of gadgets, supplements, and workout plans that make “snake oil” promises of weight loss and fat reduction. Vanquish is the safe, scientific, non-surgical fat removal technique that fits your lifestyle. Dr. Burgess is pleased to be one of a small, exclusive group of Vanquish providers.
Call today to schedule your Vanquish consultation. In Washington, the number is 202.955.5757; for Annapolis dial 410.224.1195.
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