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Patients in the MD and DC area can enjoy a makeup consultation and application with the experts

contact Dr. Cheryl Burgess in Washington, DC and Annapolis, MD for a makeup consultation with our experts.

At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, our professionals not only offer general and medical dermatology solutions, but also other services. Our estheticians, also known as our “makeup experts,” can provide consultations for cosmetics application. At both of our locations, in Annapolis, MD and Washington, DC, we provide this service for patients who want to make the most out of their makeup. We may consult with patients on application of cosmetic products for a special occasion such as a wedding or an upcoming date night, or for patients who need to disguise skin conditions that may be affecting their self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, we provide makeup consultations for patients to disguise and camouflage the aftereffects of certain procedures performed in our practice. We encourage patients to learn about makeup application techniques to look great whenever they have the desire!

What happens during a makeup consultation with one of our experts?

Makeup consultations allow you to speak to an expert about your purpose for using makeup and what you would like to accomplish with using it. We have our patients bring in their current makeup products so that we can help them use what they have already purchased. Or, some patients prefer to speak to us before purchasing quality cosmetics to use in achieving the results they desire. This is okay, and we can work with patients in whatever capacity they would like. During the consultation appointment, we discuss with individuals how they would like to use makeup to improve their skin, and then talk about an appropriate skin care regimen that can help. With the use of makeup, certain conditions can be disguised to give patients improved confidence. We know how confusing many makeup products can be, and patients often ask if they even need some of them to achieve the look they are hoping to achieve.

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How do I know what I need?

Not every makeup product on the market is helpful to everyone. Therefore, it is important to work directly with a makeup professional to discuss which ones may be best for you. We take into consideration a lot of factors to develop a makeup application routine that works best for patients’ needs. This may include their ethnicity, their skin type (oily, dry, or combination), the conditions they need to disguise, their severity, and what they want to accomplish with their makeup. Do they want to cover fine lines and wrinkles, or do they want to disguise rosacea or acne? Are they undergoing a procedure that may cause redness to the facial area that they want to camouflage for work and social time?

What are the benefits of expert makeup application and education?

Cosmetics may be confusing for those who do not have experience in using them.

Cosmetics may be confusing for those who do not have experience in using them. While some patients may buy makeup, they may be unsure as to the best way to use their products. Our team of professionals can help. The advantages of professional makeup application and education include:

  • The ability to know how to purchase high quality products that provide better coverage and results
  • The chance to ask questions about how to perfect certain techniques, such as cat eyes or smoky eyeshadow
  • A way to work with a professional in ensuring the product is being used correctly, which can also help makeup last longer without overapplication
  • Knowledge from a professional who knows the ins-and-outs of product usage to offer patients the results they desire, including coverage of fine lines, wrinkles, or acne

Schedule a consultation today with our makeup experts

At our practice, our team of professionals provide expert instruction on the application of makeup products. Cosmetics can help our patients cover imperfections that may be bothersome in terms of their self-esteem and provide a way for them to look great for their next date night! Contact our professionals at one of our two locations, in Annapolis, MD at 167-W Jennifer Rd. – 410-224-1195 , or in Washington, DC at 2311 M Street NW, Suite 504 – 202-955-5757 . We welcome new patients into our practice for cosmetic, general, and medical dermatology solutions with our professionals.

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