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Washington Area Dermatologist Explains Chemical Peels can be Used for Skin of Color

Dermatologist Explains Chemical Peels Skin of Color in Washington

At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, we want our patients to know that we can help them with many of their most common skin concerns. When patients are struggling with conditions such as acne, melasma, freckles, aging, and even sun spots, Dr. Cheryl Burgess may suggest a chemical peel that can be used to rejuvenate the skin and address a wide range of common conditions. Patients in and around the Washington area are welcome to learn about how chemical peels can be used to stimulate skin cell turnover and remove dead, dull skin from the upper layer of the epidermis. However, many patients who have richly pigmented complexions may be concerned that chemical peels are not appropriate for them.

At the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, we provide chemical peels for patients of all skin types. It is important for patients who have pigmented skin to visit a board certified dermatologist for treatment to learn about the ingredients that are safe to use on their skin without damaging it. Dr. Cheryl Burgess has many formulas available for chemical peels and can choose the best combination for those of any skin color who visit her state-of-the-art practice.

Chemical peels are wonderful for rejuvenating the skin. They use specific ingredients that are applied to the face for just minutes at a time and then cleaned off. Patients are provided after-care instructions to facilitate healing and allow their skin to look gorgeous in just a few weeks as the skin cells turnover and the dull, old skin is easily flaked off. There is typically some downtime associated with chemical peels, but the amount of time necessary for full healing will vary depending on the aggressiveness of the peel chosen. Dr. Cheryl Burgess can discuss the many levels of chemical peels available and choose one that works with her patients’ lifestyles, needs, and available downtime.

Patients with skin of color are welcome at the Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery and can contact Dr. Cheryl Burgess today to book an appointment with her dedicated team of professionals.


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