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Chemical peel treatment in our Washington, D.C. practice solves various cosmetic problems

Chemical Peel Treatment Washington solves various cosmetic problems
When you notice the condition of your skin is making you look or feel older than you really are, a consultation with your board-certified dermatologist may reveal a number of options for handling the process of aging. One way Dr. Cheryl Burgess helps patients continue to enjoy healthy, beautiful skin is with individualized chemical peel treatment. In our Washington, D.C. practice, a chemical peel can be tailored to your precise needs and skin type to reach the desired outcome.

Chemical peels are used to help the natural process of exfoliation. Our skin cells naturally die and slough off, revealing healthy new cells. However, sometimes the process cannot keep up with the damage caused by sun exposure and other factors. The application of precise chemicals can speed up the turnover process, and lead to a more refreshed appearance.

Treatment with a chemical peel is completed in your dermatologist’s office in a short appointment. After assessing the needs of the skin, your dermatologist will combine specific ingredients to be applied to the treatment area. Once applied, the solution is left on the skin for the allotted amount of time. The length of time, and the concentration of the solution used, is dependent on the unique needs of the skin. Following treatment, the solution is gently removed.

Although the skin may appear slightly red immediately after treatment, the real effect is not seen right away. In the days following chemical peel treatment, the skin may become redder, and may flake and peel. The extent of redness and peeling varies based on the strength of the peel performed. The aftereffect of treatment is a sign that old, drab skin cells are being removed and the skin beneath is being revealed. During the time when skin is transforming, patients may apply moisturizer as directed by Dr. Burgess, to aid in protecting the skin from the elements.

Chemical peels are designed around the patient. Depending on the desired outcome, Dr. Burgess may develop a treatment plan that includes several sessions, scheduled a few weeks apart. The strength of the solution used in treatment, and the duration for which solution is left on the skin, will affect the number of sessions needed for optimal results. The details of treatment are discussed during the consultation phase, so that the patient knows what to expect.

There are several benefits to chemical peel treatment. Using precise solutions, Dr. Burgess helps patients maintain their desired appearance by addressing sun damage, uneven skin tone, problems with texture, and fine lines and wrinkles that age the face. Chemical peels may also improve skin affected by acne or acne scarring.

You are not stuck with the look of your skin. Make improvements with the help of your board-certified dermatologist. Call Center for Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery in Washington D.C. or Annapolis for your consultation with Dr. Burgess.

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